Happy Every Day!!!

There was a sweet family, The father is an employee at a corporate company, the mother was a home maker and a cute daughter who was studying her second class. The father used to come home late at night saying that he had lot of works to be done, he grumbles to his wife like he has been given huge work but he could not complete anything on time so he was not able to spend time with his family and friends. 

One day when mother and daughter were having dinner, mother kept an idly in her daughter’s plate and said “If you complete this idly in 10 minutes, I will give you a chocolate😊” and went to kitchen. The daughter was trying to eat a whole idly in a single mouth. As her mouth was very small she was not able to do. She was keep on trying for 15 mins but she could not eat. Her father came and asked what she was doing. She said that “Appa this idly is very huge for my mouth, am not able to eat this”. Then her father cut the idly into small pieces and said “Dear, first you have to cut this into small pieces and eat one piece at a time so that you can able to eat it easier and faster”. Now the daughter was able to eat the idly in 5 mins. After thinking for sometime the daughter asked her father “Appa why can’t you finish your work fast like this and spend time with me 🙁”. This striked the father’s mind, that all these days he was trying to eat the whole idly in a single mouth and the methodology he was working was wrong. When he realised this and changed the methods, he was able to complete the work in time with the help of pre planning and preparations.

You may wonder how this makes difference. Try preparing your idlies into pieces before you start to eat. You will find the difference.  Small things always looks easy and fast to complete. Even the 1000m marathon starts with the single step and completed step by step. In this machinery world everybody runs to work hard and make money. But fails to spend time with their family and friends. Also they forget about the things they loved to do ones. 

PREPARE , PLAN and POJECT.. The time taken to complete a work will be reduced twice the amount of time taken to prepare. 

Work is mandatory but on the same time don’t forget to do the things you love. 

I wish everyone a very Happy New Year. Start this NEW year by doing the OLD things you LOVED non stop. 

                           Happy every day!!!


Take A Fly Without Wings

The title may seem funny, also you may wonder how is it possible. But if you believe that you can fly then nobody can stop you. The belief I mentioned here is not something like ‘I can fly(belief in your ability)’ but it’s like ‘I am flying(belief out of your ability)’. This post will show you a different perspective of belief. In general, Most of us won’t believe that we can get what we want. Some of us believe, but our beliefs tends to decrease at time when we continuosly meet failures. 

For example, Consider that i am interviewing an athlete. What would be the answer if I ask a question like “Will you go till finals”, when he is in the first round of game. The answer would be “yes, definitely I will  win the finals”. What if the same question is asked to same player after some rounds of play but he has the least score among all the players. The answer might be “Yeah, will try to go till finals”. Now the belief seems to be decreased right. Then what if the question like “Will you go to finals” is asked to him when he already lost a match. He might scold me badly right 😜. But that’s reality, you may also think that what he has felt was right and of course everybody in that moment will loose their belief. But still I would say we can get what we want. This can be understood clearly through a real story.

 Story time 😁:

Once upon a time 💭 there was a great gymnast called “Raj bhavasar”. In 2004, Raj competed for U.S Olympic gymnast team. Out of 12 he did 11 perfect routines and so he was sure that he will be added to the Olympians list. But bitterly he was not. His name was read under alternate players list. After that he lost his belief, strength, confidence everything. He didn’t even go for practices. Then his coach gave him a book (which helps the reader to get “Where they want to be from where they are”) and asked him to read.  The main thing said in the book was “Believe that you can achieve anything even if the whole world says that you can’t”. Now it’s 2007, Raj was practicing hard for the competition. This time he did all the routines perfect. But shockingly this time also his name was announced under the alternate list. But do you know what Raj did, he was very confident with his belief that he will become the Olympian this time. Even though Olympians list were freezed, he believed and practiced like he was going to participate in Olympic. A week before the event, Raj called the committee and asked if he is added in the Olympians list. It was no but still he practiced continuously for Olympic. Three days before the match, committee members called Raj and told that he will be participating in the match. Because one of the Olympians were resigned due to injuries. Raj was jumping in joy and his beliefs gave him the bronze medal. 

The book helped Raj to get what he wanted was Success Principles” by Jack Canfield.

Do you think an one and half years child will stop trying to stand up and walk if it fell in the first try. Definitely they won’t right. Even if their parents say don’t get up, the child won’t consider that at all because it doesn’t know what is impossible or what is possible. They will always try to do what they want to do and get succeed. Only the world teaches them the negative things when they grow up. Come on, let’s get what we want, never mind the world’s voice✌️. 

“Let’s start flying, the wings can come on the way”😎

Pen in the Pocket

Hello! This story is about a man who gets interest to write a story.

Someday when he was sitting in his room he thought of writing some story. Then he remembered an empty diary, gifted by his mom which he never opened before since lack of time. He thought that, it can be used for writing. Then he took his phone and asked “Ok Google, How to write a story in my diary” .Google answered “you can use your pen”. 😂

“Oh, that’s right” he said and goes to shop to buy pen. 

“Can you give a pen” , he asked to the seller. “We don’t sell pens here” seller replied. “What! Stationery shop don’t sell pens!?” he murmured and moved to next shop. But he could not buy pen anywhere. 

Next day in office he asked his manager “Sir, can you give me a pen please”. “That’s not my job. But I can give you extra task, if you want” 😈 he said. “It’s ok sir thank you” he replied and returned.

In the evening he meets his friend and weeps that he could not get pen anywhere. “Don’t worry dude, I will give you a pen” his friend said and gave him a pen. Now he can hear a background BGM of musthafa musthafa…😂 After sometime, when his friend is leaving he took back the pen he gave and left. “Hey! Heyyyyy! Why the hell you took back the pen man” our hero shouted and returned to home. 

Then he called his mom and cried “Mom, no one is giving me a pen”😭. “Don’t worry my dear ask God, he will give you whatever you want” his mom said. 

Now our hero goes to temple and asked God.  “God please give me a pen, I will give you 100 rupees and go for 108 rounds around your temple if you give” 🙏. “I even don’t sell pen, my child. Search it in your pocket” God replied and disappeared. He thought the pen would have come into his shirt pocket magically since God has said, so he searched all over but he could not find. 

He went home frustratingly and thrown off the diary and said “I don’t want to write anything”😣. To his surprise , the pen fell off from the diary.😱

Then he realised that he were searching everywhere for the thing he has. Now he successfully started to write his story.

The real thing behind the story is the pen mentioned in the story was “Happiness” and the diary was his “Life”. 

Most of us are trying to get happiness from outside like, I will be happy when am with my friends, I will be happy if I score good marks, I will be happy if I earn more money, I will be happy if I get this that blah blah.. But the truth is these things are temporary. The real happiness is within us. Even when we don’t have anything, we can be happy.

(You can understand the real moral of the story if you re-read the story by replacing the word a pen by happiness and diary by life.)

Search your pen in your pocket, If it is from other’s pocket then it is temporary


​கனவுகளை தேடி… 

கண்கள் காலங்களை தாண்டி என் கனவுகளை காண, 

செவிகள் என் கனவின் இதய துடிப்பை கேட்க, 

கைகள் நான் பெற போகும் வெற்றியை பாராட்ட, 

மூக்கின் வழியில் மகிழ்ச்சியை சுவாசித்து கொண்டே கால்கள் தானாக சென்றது, 

என் கனவுகளை தேடி…☺

கண்களை மூடி கனவு காணுங்கள். வெற்றிக்கு வழி தெரியவில்லை என்றாலும் உன் கால்கள் உன்னை கூட்டிச் செல்லும், உன் விழி காணும் காட்சி காணாமல் போகும் வரை… 

“கனவு கான் உன்னால் முடியும் வரை அல்ல நீ நினைத்தது முடியும் வரை”



Image result for car vs mind

On a boring weekend two friends planned to go to a mall where they can roam around all day but don’t have to spend too much money. Both were wandering here and there, at some point of time they are getting very bored and so planning to play some games. When they entered the game city they found a new game was introduced which has a cash prize of 3k rupees. It was a car racing game seems to be very tough, as it has a cash prize many people were trying to play but no one could win the game. But this friends won the game, because the heroes of the story always wins right?😜 Let’s see how they won this game.

Now it’s their turn to play the game, they were given the list of rules of the game. Though it is a race only their car was on the track. The Second one was that there is no time limit to finish the game. Then the third was, only 3 life lines were given to the players. Here comes the real twist in the game, the car does not have any steering, break, accelerator or gear etc. The car needs to be controlled by their minds through thoughts for example, if they need to stop the car then they should think like ‘Stop the car’ as simple as that. But the best twist in this twist is if they don’t want to stop the car then they should not think like ‘Don’t stop the car’, if they do then the car stops automatically. Because the point is that the car cannot recognize the words like can’t, won’t, don’t, no, not etc.

Now the game starts,
Life 1:
With the full confidence they both got into the car to play the game. One was at the driver seat and another one took the seat besides driver seat. The person in the driver seat thought like inserting the key and starting the car, automatically the car gets started. They were very surprised and also it was like fun to them. After starting the car he was trying to do some funny things like raising the accelerator to produce fire at the back of the car from the silencer 🔥as how we see in the movies. After all the funny moments, they both got so excited and shouted like ‘We definitely won’t lose this game’. Suddenly the engine stopped and the life ended. They could not understand what was happening, then they realised that the car cannot recognize the word ‘won’t’,so it sounded like ‘We definitely lose this game’.
Life 2:
With the half confidence they started the car, and this time they shouted like ‘We will definitely win the game’. It was a smooth start and the car started moving parallel to his thoughts. On the way there was a huge mountain of rocks but somehow they managed to cross it with some struggles. After that they found a river to be crossed but there was no bridge or path to cross the river. He thought that he can cross the river only by flying above the river, to his surprise as soon as he thought the car started flying. The next obstacle was to cross the road spread with nails. They crossed it by driving over the nails without getting damaged. As like this they managed to cross all the obstacles, and successfully reached near the finishing line. The road was very clear and they found no blocks on the road. Also they were able to see the finishing point. The person who is sitting beside saw a small pin on the road and alerted his friend. His friend thought that ‘We even crossed the road full of nails; this small pin won’t damage our car’. Oh no it’s really bad, I feel pity for them. The car was damaged and they lost this life too.

Life 3:
With the worst result and best experience they started to play the last life of the game. As they already gone till the finish line in the previous life they were very confident that they will definitely win this time. So they shouted like ‘We won this game’ with full confidents and belief. That’s it, the engine stopped and the game ended before starting to move itself. But this they won the game as they thought. Because they believed themselves, with full confidence they already thought that they won the game. 

Now it’s time for the moral of the story…

Like how the car moved parallel to our thoughts, our life moves the same way too. The rules of the game are also the rules for our life.
1) Our life is a race but only you will be participating in the race. The race is between you and your thoughts.
2) We don’t have any time limit to grow or move forward. It depends on our own thoughts to choose whether to move slowly or fast to reach our goal.
3) The main thing is, the positive thoughts.
4) The important thing to be noted is ‘I won’t thing negatively’ is also a negative statement.

“Think Before You Think”


குரங்கின் – கதை அல்ல நிஜம்

மனம் ஒரு குரங்கு என்பார்கள் !

அது ஒரு நிலையில் இல்லாமல் தாவிக் கொண்டே இருக்கும் என்பதற்காக மட்டும் அல்ல, தண்ணீரில் தோன்றும் நம் பிரதிபலிப்பாக இருக்கும் என்பதற்காகவும் தான். அதையே சிறுவயதில் நமக்கு கதையாக சொன்னார்கள் ஆனால் அது கதை அல்ல நிஜம்(படம் மேலே).

அக்கதைக்கு பின் புறம் இருக்கும் நிஜத்தை பார்போம்.

உன் மனதிடம் நீ என்ன வேண்டும் என்று கேட்கிறாயோ அதை உனக்கு கொடுக்கும், என்ன வேண்டாம் என்று கேட்கிறாயோ அதையும் உனக்கு கொடுக்கும்.

ஏனென்றால் உன் மனம் ஒரு குரங்கு!

உதாரணத்திற்கு, வில்லேய்பவன் தனக்கு வேண்டியதை குறி வைத்தால் அம்பு தானாகவே அவ்விடத்தை சென்றடையும். அதேபோல் அவனுக்கு தேவையற்ற ஒன்றைக் குறி வைத்து வேண்டாம் வேண்டாம் என்று நினைத்தாலும் அது அவ்விடத்தையே சென்றடையும். 

நாம் தான் வில்லேய்பவர்கள், நம் மனமோ அந்த அம்பு போன்றது. வாழ்க்கையில் நமக்கு தேவையானதை மட்டும் நோக்கி குறி வைத்தால் தானாகவே நாம் அங்கு சென்றடைவோம்.

“உன் வாழ்க்கை உன் மனதில்…”